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Save yourself hundreds of hours of manual work with a tool that uses AI to find internal link opportunities, and then adds them for you!

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SEOJuice - AI-driven internal linking tool | Product Hunt
SEOJuice - AI-driven internal linking tool | Product Hunt

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Imagine what you could do if you had a SEO Expert working on your website 24/7


Weak, manually inserted internal links that do more harm than good

  • Hundres of hours spent copy-pasting generic anchor texts with no context.
  • Outdated and broken links that lead to old non-existent pages.
  • Overwhelmed with creating new links every time you add a new content page.
  • Bogged down with low SEO scores.


An automated internal linking Tool that super charges your growth.

  • AI Link Bot that analyzes your website every day to find new connections.
  • Contextual links based on your whole content.
  • Automated increase in user engagement and search engine crawling.
  • Autopilot on-page SEO for long-term success.

You're three easy steps away from your Internal Linking Assistant.


Add your website

Enter your URL for SEOJuice to crawl your site and analyze the textual content. Works great with pages with more than 300 words of text. Pages with duplicate content will be ignored.


Install on your site

Add a small Snippet on as many sites as you want to connect — your blog, corporate website, help center. You can cross-link all your properties into a single network.


Watch the growth

As you add more content, SEOJuice automatically searches for relevant link opportunities and inserts them on-the-fly without any manual work.

It's time to reap the low hanging fruits of SEO

Hey there,

I'm Vadim, and I created SEOJuice out of a personal frustration — manually adding internal links across website pages was just too cumbersome and time-consuming. And hiring someone? Even more expensive, given they need to hold the entire content of your site in their head to effectively link pages contextually. That's where SEOJuice steps in.

Effortless Internal Linking

With SEOJuice, you can automate the creation of internal links with just several clicks. No more digging through your pages to find good link opportunities or worrying about keyword relevancy. Our tool handles it all, letting you distribute your most valuable "Page Authority" across your whole site, boosting the visibility and relevance of multiple pages, not just the popular ones.

Community-Driven Development

As a solo-developer, I see my users as co-developers. I'm always available in the chat in the bottom right corner, or via email. You can talk to me. I regularly incorporate feedback from our community to add new capabilities that SEO professionals are asking for. This collaborative approach ensures the tool evolves in line with your needs.

Bootstrapped Business

I've built this tool for myself, because I want to have an easy-to-use solution to manage my own SEO and allow other website owners and SEO agencies to manage their portfolio of websites from a single dashboard. I'm completely independent, self-funded, bootstrapped and debt-free. I'm not interested in raising funds or taking investment. I'm operating a sustainable project funded solely by the fees that you pay.

You can read more about my story on my blog. I talk more in-depth about how I built this and how customers love the tool.


Grow faster

Automated internal SEO

SEOJuice is a fully-automated internal linking assistant for all of your websites. Manage all your internal and external links in one place.

Links are good.
Cross-linking your articles, is the easiest way to spread your Google SERP Rank across all your pages to boost your rankings.
Automated manual work.
It takes a long time to find relevant keywords for an article, then find another one that matches the keyword. I know it, I paid the SEO Specialists to do it.
Latest AI Technologies.
SEOJuice scans all of your content, uses AI to find appropriate contextual links and keywords, and then adds them for you!
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People ❤️ SEOJuice

SEOJuice is built for scale and can serve sites with many thousands of pages. Since launch in May 2024, hundreds of sites, indie blogs and startups have already made the switch and are seeing results.

Active Websites
Active pages
Generated Internal links

Success Stories

I started doing internal link building in 2024 for my own blog. I also paid SEO agencies to do that for me, but then decided to build this automated internal linking tool as it was too expensive to delegate and too time-consuming to do myself.

Grow your SERP Rankings with internal links
Integrate seojuice

Find the contextual content gaps based on your whole content

Integrate seojuice
Example Automated AI SEO Internal Links

Easy to integrate and manage

<script type="text/javascript" src="" defer></script>

Drop in the script into your website before the closing </body> tag and the tool does the rest.
Increase in organic traffic
Increase in sales conversions

Why use SEOJuice?

SEO is complicated for most site owners. SEOJuice is easy to use and understand with no training or prior experience. Add your website and the tool does the rest.

Quick and easy to integrate
Simple to set up and integrate with popular tools such as WordPress, Ghost, Squarespace, Wix and Weebly. Supports single-page applications like NextJS and React.
Proprietary Algorithms
Our API analyzes your websites programmatically, and uses research-grade algorithms to cluster and extract contextual keywords with relevant pages.
Internal and External links
We aim to be a single place to manage your links for all your websites. Experts all agree that a good internal linking strategy is crucial in boosting organic traffic.
Full flexibility
With our platform, you have the power to manage keywords and choose which pages to exclude, granting you complete control over your content strategy.
More Organic Search Traffic
Get people to visit and stay, which will lower the number of people leaving quickly and help your website rank higher in search results.
Helps Bots Find Content
Internal links help Google find more content on your website that matches the topics you write about, which leads to better behavior factors.
Increases Page Views
Help people on your website move further down your funnel by connecting longer articles to sales pages, using our automated linking system.
Improves Conversions
Keeping people clicking through your content helps them trust and know more about what you sell, which leads to better Google behavioral factors.

Pages based plans that match your growth

Sign up for 7-day free trial. No credit card required.

What's included

  • Unlimited websites.

  • Unlimited team members.

  • Unlimited contextual links.

  • Rank more easily for long-tail keywords.

  • No technical skills required.

  • Drop-in integration to any website.

& What's not

  • No huge SEO Agency Fees.

  • No cancellation fees.

  • No weekly SEO meetings.

  • No lengthy onboarding.


Have a different question and can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to me personally by sending me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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