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Why use this Service?

The answer is simple: because SEO is still king and automated SEO is great to attract new customers. Cross-linking your articles, is the easiest way to spread your Google SERP Rank across all your pages to boost your rankings. You don't want to spend hundreds of hours adding manually keywords to each new article, we do that with AI.

The problem: SEO agencies will charge you $$$ for each hour they spend adding links into your articles. It takes a long time to find relevant keywords for an article, then find another one that matches the keyword. I know it, I paid the SEO Specialists to do it.

That's where SEOJuice comes in. It saves you hundreds of hours searching for internal link opportunities, scans all of your content, uses AI to find appropriate links, and then adds them for you!

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Example Automated AI SEO Internal Links

Small snippet for automated SEO

<script type="text/javascript" src="" defer></script>

Drop in the script into your website before the closing </body> tag and the tool does the rest.
  • 💸 Boost your SEO automagically.
  • 🦄 The AI Tool crawls your sitemap, and analyzes the content to create links — no manual work required.
  • 💡 Try it for free, see yourself that it works.

Growth Results

I started doing internal link building a few months ago for my own blog. I also paid SEO agencies to do that for me, but then decided to build this automated internal linking tool as it was too expensive to delegate and too time consuming to do myself.

Grow your SERP Rankings with internal links

Automate your SEO with AI

Easy to use and easy to integrate. A simple JS file that fetches the AI automated links and replaces them in your blog posts / articles / content pages.

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Simple Pricing

I built this tool for myself as I paid A LOT OF MONEY to SEO agencies to do on-page SEO linking for my blog. Manual labor costs a lot of money, AI models don't. So I decided to automate it. Spend 10 Minutes now and enjoy the lower costs for your SEO boosting and extra several hours per month of free time forever.

  • 💸 Set up once for automated SEO Results. We monitor your website for changes and add links.
  • 🦄 Tool finds long-tail keywords based on your content.
  • 💡 Try it for free, see for yourself that it works.

What's included

  • Unlimited Links

  • SEO Agency manual work fully automated.

  • Future-proof. I improve it for myself.

  • Rank more easily for long-tail keywords

  • No technical skills required

  • Drop-in integration to any website.

& What's not

  • No huge SEO Agency Fees.

  • No hidden fees.

  • No manual work.

  • No 2-week on-boarding, it takes 10 minutes to set up!

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Monthly. No hidden costs.


Let me answer some of your questions

What features do you have?

SEOJuice is under active development. Latest features that were added in May 2024 — Clustering of pages based on Topic and Broken Link Reporting. We use AI to find links that are broken and fix them automagically.

Is this tool useful to SEO Agencies?

Absolutely! You can add your client websites and insert the JS snippet to offload your manual work of finding keywords and building internal links for the articles. It will save you hundreds of hours.

Will this tool help me rank better in SEO?

Absolutely yes, internal linking is known as one if the most important parts of SEO. To be fair, SEO optimization is much more complex than just creating internal backlinks, but if you haven't done anything, and just install SEOJuice — it will boost your SEO.

Does Google (or any other Search Engine) support Links inserted with Javascript?

Yes it does! In general on-page SEO is the easiest way to boost your website for long-tail keywords and it works for all platforms. Otherwise all of React / Next.JS / Angular SPAs would get penalized, but they're growing like crazy instead.

I found a bug who should I contact?

There's probably a lot of stuff that I missed, so drop me an email at [email protected] or write me in Twitter @vadim_kravcenko and I will add it to the backlog to fix. I'm planning on building a lot of features in the next months.

What Hosting / Platforms does it work with?

You can integrate SEOJuice into all platforms — Wordpress, Shopify, WebFlow, Ghost, or any other web platform that you use. We render JS, so we work with NextJS as well. The only thing that you need to do - add your website in the dashboard and copy paste the provided JS script into the footer of your website. The tool will generate automated SEO internal links for you. Automagically.

Can I pay annually?

Yes you can pay annually. You get 25% discount if you pay yearly.

Do you need my credit card data for the free trial?

No, the free trial, is, well, free. 🤷 You can start using the service without entering your credit card data. You will get a 7 days trial and 100 Pages for the start, after that you will have to choose a subscription plan to add more pages or continue using the tool. 7 days and 100 pages will be enough to showcase to you that the tool is useful.

How can I cancel?

You can cancel any time from the dashboard or drop me an email at [email protected].